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Can anyone rent space in RJB warehouse?

No. Independent fee warehousing services are only available to distributors and manufacturers.

Is RJB an automotive or industrial retailer?

No. We provide sales and marketing services for our clients, as well as warehousing options (see above.)

Are there any lines that are only stocked in one location?

Yes. Dynaline is stocked in Moncton only. Nortool takes advantage of our weekly warehouse transfers for sales clients.

Where can I find Lloyd’s MSDS online?


Are RGAs required for returns?

RGAs are only required on returns from Auto-Kool.

Is shipping offered by RJB warehouse?

Shipping is offered to our clients on a prepaid and charge basis, if no prepaid policy criteria with a manufacturer has been met. For more information or to find out about prepaid policies, please contact your manufacturer.

Are there restocking fees?

Certain restocking fees may apply. For more information, please contact the RJB office.

What are the cutoff times for orders?

  • Morning freight shipping cutoff is 9:30am;
  • Afternoon freight shipping cutoff is 4pm;
  • Stock orders should be received by 1pm.

Pick-up orders are available all day.


Moncton Location

357 Baig Boulevard

Moncton, NB

E1E 1E1

Phone: (506) 386-8811

Halifax Location

40 Thornhill Dr.

Halifax, NS

B3B 1S1

Phone: (902) 481-2277

Mount Pearl Location

103 Clyde Ave.

Mount Pearl, NL

A1N 4R9

Phone: (709)748-3244